“Come Taste Wi Hand”

Jamaica Culinary Tours: A Taste of History is the creation of two Jamaican sisters who love to travel and to explore other countries and cultures through their cuisine. They took great food tours all over the world and then realized they had never done a food tour right there in their own home country! They couldn’t find one that captured the energy, excitement and diversity that is Jamaica so they decided to create it themselves! Pulling together their love for history, culture and food, the sisters have developed culinary tours that are dedicated to sharing the story of the Jamaican people through its diverse food and flavours. They had fun creating these tours that tell the story of the Jamaican people and you’ll have fun experiencing them as you delight in the unique and exciting taste and flavours of Jamaica.

Anne and Janet grew up in a multicultural household, where entertaining and hosting visitors from other countries and cultures was the norm. They grew to love showing off their beautiful island and its culture, and so their tours are designed to be small, relaxed and intimate, as if taking friends to sample their preferred local delights in their favourite local hangouts. It’s no surprise then that their Falmouth Food Tour was awarded the most Authentic Jamaican Attraction in 2017!

The sisters value small businesses and community building and they deliberately incorporate small operators to empower families and local communities. Jamaicans like to invite people to sample their cooking, or ‘taste their hand’ and that’s exactly what you will do as you meet and interact with the food vendors on the Jamaica Culinary Tours.

They know the best food spots and offer you a safe and fun way to enjoy the history and culture of Jamaica.  

Meet The Team