Meet Janet Crick – Tour and Creative Experience Director

Janet has enjoyed a diverse career representing Jamaica overseas in the diplomatic and intercultural fields. Her travels have seen her living and working in five countries and visiting over forty countries both on the job and just for fun. In her travels she developed a passion for cross-cultural learning, heritage and history, and of course – different foods! Now she’s back home and is pouring all of that passion and her multi-cultural experiences into developing unique and creative experiences that will excite and delight the customers of Jamaica Culinary Tours. Her mission is to create authentic food tours that reflect the warmth of the island, the unmistakable “vibes”, spiciness and zest of the Jamaican people, and the rich diversity of a culture and cuisine infused with centuries of flavour and history.

Anne Crick – Janet’s Sister and Business Partner

Anne once managed the food and beverage departments in some of Jamaica’s leading hotels. She now works at the regional University of the West Indies where her focus is on Tourism and quality service management. She is also a consultant to many local service entities. Anne’s passion for food and beverage led her to conceptualize Anna SmartCakes – a boutique brand of baked goods for grown-ups. She is passionate about creating unique tourism experiences that highlight Jamaica’s multi-faceted heritage. Anne says “Everywhere I travel I find that people are already excited about Jamaica and they know about our music, our beaches and our athletes. But I want to expose them to one more great thing about us – our food! There’s no better way to really learn about a culture than over a good meal and that’s what we want our brand to be about – Getting to know the Jamaica that we know and love by joining us on a journey through our culinary highways and byways”.