Brand Jamaica to the World!!

Jamaica has just hosted another successful annual Expo at the National Arena in Kingston under the theme ‘Brand Jamaica to the World!. The Trade Show was attended by hundreds of buyers as well as thousands of consumers who got a chance to view and try not only some of the faithful, traditional products, but also to learn about and sample lots of new and diversified products. Visitors were more than pleased with the variety of displays that graced the booths of the 120 Jamaican manufacturers who participated in the three-day trade show.

We at Jamaica Culinary Tours were blown away by the number of new and creative products particularly in the culinary field.  We were also impressed by the use of local material and the creative and entrepreneurial spirit that were so evident as we walked from booth to booth – and applaud in particular, the efforts of the small, but very up and coming manufacturers. 

Among the contenders for new and different favourites were the Flavours of the Past wines using local fruit such as pimento berry, ackee, and sorrel. The ginger beet ketchup was another unusual item that knocked our socks off! (Can’t wait to introduce that on a Food Tour!)  The yam and sweet potato porridge, soursop with ginger herbal tea and the unusual, but imaginative seasoning blends, sauces and vinaigrettes all transported us right into foodie heaven!

As staunch advocates of the Buy Jamaica and Brand Jamaica campaigns, we were more than thrilled to see this creativity and the innovative use of local products in non-traditional ways.  We were also happy to learn that the trade fair was patronized by almost 200 buyers from over 28 countries, including not only our traditional partners in the US, UK and Canada, but representatives from as far away as India, Nigeria, China, Norway, and the Czech Republic! Wow!The overseas buyers were just as thrilled with the vast array of high quality and innovative products, and we’re excited at the prospect of many of these products making it to the shelves of global markets and spreading the excellent Jamaican brand even farther and wider.

Expo Jamaica 2014 was presented as a collaborative effort between the Jamaica Manufacturers’ Association and the Jamaica Exporters’ Association, in conjunction with Jamaica Promotions (JAMPRO), who deserve a round of applause for another excellent “Made in Jamaica” event!

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Walk good, eat good till nex’ time!

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