Hooray! We're on the winning streak again! We're happy to announce that our Jamaica Culinary Tours team brought home an International Award from the World Food Travel Association’s 2018 FoodTrekking Awards!! The Award comes almost one year to the date on which we won the national award for Most Authentic Jamaican Attraction.

The Award for “Most Authentic Food or Beverage Tour Operator Experience” was presented to Co-Director Janet Crick by Mr. Erik Wolf, founder of the World Food Travel Association at the FoodTrekking Awards Ceremony held in London, UK on November 4, 2018. In presenting the Award, Mr. Wolf commended Jamaica Culinary Tours for its outstanding work in delivering a truly authentic product that meets all the criteria that travelers look for and expect in a top quality food tourism product.



You can tell by the smiles that we are elated at this win which feels like the icing on the cake having already won an award for the “Most Authentic Jamaican Attraction” at the 2017 Jamaica Hospitality Awards!  And of course we salute our loyal guests and followers for both our Awards – after all, it is your ringing endorsements on Trip Advisor and your consistent five star reviews that have helped to convince the judges that our tours are the real deal! We value your comments and feedback, and your high ratings validate that we have achieved what we set out to do –  provide authentic experiences that offer a meaningful appreciation for Jamaican history, heritage and culture via our food!

This new Award is also a timely gift for us here at Jamaica Culinary Tours, as November marks our fifth anniversary! Hip Hip Hoorayyy!

It’s so exciting to receive this level of recognition after only 5 years in operation, especially since we are a very small team. But in Jamaica we say “wi likkle, but wi tallawah” (we’re small, but strong!), and we owe our success not just to our love of Brand Jamaica, but also to our small, but very dedicated and professional team of tour guides who infuse each tour and culinary experience with their own unique brand of passion and an unmistakable love for their country, culture and of course, cuisine. Our “little but tallawah” JCT family is committed to ensuring that each guest leaves the tour not just with a bellyful of traditional Jamaican fare, but with an appreciation for the rich history and heritage that has influenced our island’s cuisine. And you can bet that with two awards under our belt, we are going to go on doing just that!




And since we’re bragging, it seems like as good a time as ever to boast about the recent ranking of our Falmouth Food Tour by National Geographic Traveller as one of the Top Five Caribbean Food Tours! Wow, that calls for an extra layer of icing onthe cake please! Read what NatGeo has to say about us here:

So with all that exciting news as the year draws to a close, what does 2019 have in store? How about more tours and culinary experiences in other parts of the island! Well our guests and other foodies have been asking for more so yes, we’re busy cooking up some new delicious brews! Stay tuned to find out what’s stirring in the pot! And for more tidbits on what we’ve been up to, what’s new on the cuisine-scene as well as the secret ingredients that make our award-winning tours so popular, tune in to an interview with Co-Partner Janet who spills the beans on the highlights of our five year journey: https://bit.ly/2SaBb3W

Walk Good Till We Meet and Eat Again!

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