Join us for Reggae Rum & Dinner as we bring a virtual taste of Jamaica right into your home!!

Fun Fact: Did you know that as the world grapples with the COVID-19 pandemic Jamaica has been listed as one of the top ten destinations in the world that people are eager to visit as soon as borders are open and people start travelling again? Yes, but no suprises there right? Not boasting, but this little rock has soooo much travel appeal –  the weather, the beautiful beaches, the music,  the vibrant people and culture and of course….. the food! Well though our borders are now  open, we fully understand that not everyone feels comfortable travelling, or is in a position to do so right now, so since we don’t want you to miss out on all that this little island has to offer, we thought we would bring a taste of Jamaica to you!

Our new virtual experience: Reggae Rum and Dinner brings you the best of Jamaican food, Jamaican hospitality, and our world famous Reggae music!  In this  unique experience you get to cook Jamaican-style right in the comfort of your home and then join us online for a fun-filled, Reggae-infused interactive Dinner Party!

Here’s how it works – we send you the easy to follow recipes for an authentic Jamaican meal which you can cook right from the comfort of your own home. Then you join us online where we sit down together virtually and share wonderful anecdotes about Jamaican food and culture over a great meal. You bring your stories, we’ll bring ours!


Don’t feel like cooking? Not a problem – just bring a cocktail (hopefully one with Jamaican Rum!), and join us for some stimulating conversation, and of course some of our world famous Jamaican Reggae Music!

Jamaican food, hospitality, music AND rum in one experience?! You really couldn’t ask for more! Booking is easy –  just click on our Reggae Rum and Dinner Virtual Experience and we’ll tell you how to reserve your space.

Here’s the deal – book just one ticket/screen and all the family members in your household can join!  Great for Family Reunions, Girls’ Reunions or as a Corporate Team Building  activity!  So join us for dinner from your couch! And don’t forget, bring your good vibes and your dancing shoes!                                                                                                                                                          

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