When Kingston Meets New Orleans!

It’s really exciting to see the growing buzz and activity around food in Jamaica.  Jamaicans have always been passionate about food, but in recent times we’ve turned up the heat in the kitchen as restaurateurs, chefs and culinary experts seek to raise the (already high!) bar of Jamaican cuisine and to treat the discerning diner to unique and different  gastronomic experiences.  Such was the experience at “Due South”, an exquisite culinary experience, infusing the legendary delicious soulfood of New Orleans with the tantalizing tastes and flavours of Jamaica.

Under the umbrella of the Savour Jamaica Supper Club launched earlier this year, Louisiana native and television Celeb Chef, Brad Turner, aka “The Grill Sergeant” showcased some of Jamaica’s finest products in a delightful six course menu featuring traditional New Orleans favourites such as seafood gumbo, red beans and rice with roasted chicken.

Founder of Savour Jamaica, April Jackson delivered on her promise to take patrons on a “gastronomic journey”, giving them an opportunity to experience familiar foods through a different lens. The event showcased Jamaican products including the island’s choice meats and seafoods, as well as Jamaica’s top of the line Appleton Rum and a range of local wines and spirits. An added bonus was the staging of the event at the Hospitality Department of the University of Technology, which afforded the Hospitality and Tourism students from that institution an exciting opportunity to enhance their culinary techniques and talents through the unique gastronomic experience.

The Pulled Goat featured in the attached picture is making us salivate – wonder what Savoury Supper Savour Jamaica has in store for us next!

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