Why Take a Food Tour?

We’re so glad that you asked!  Simply put, food tours are the fastest and most fun, filling and delicious way to learn about a culture.  They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach – well we believe that the way to understand a culture is through its stomach!  When you take a food tour you…..

–  Learn what the locals eat, AND get to try it for yourself! 

–  Learn about the history and traditions behind the food.

–  Learn a bit about the culture of the destination and its people.

– Discover the best places to eat and what’s good to order.

–  Glean inside secrets from local experts.

–  Meet great people and make new friends in a casual and relaxed setting.

–  Eat and drink a lot – and then walk it off (well some of it at least!)

We had such great fun doing all of the above when we took food tours in other countries that we couldn’t resist the urge to start our own food tour and expose travellers to the joys of our rich Jamaican cuisine and culture.  We started with the Falmouth Food Tour, a two and a half hour walking tour of the historic town of Falmouth, Jamaica.  As our guests wander through the town, they have an opportunity to taste authentic Jamaican food and beverages, and we point out the unique Georgian architecture which once made this town a historical gem of the New World.

We’ve been blown away by the positive response of our guests who love the opportunity to engage with ‘The Real Jamaica’ in a safe and comfortable way.  We’ve hosted people from many different countries, Octogenarians and babies in arms!  And we’ve been privileged to host people in wheelchairs and on scooters and walkers, as well as most recently a group of visually impaired persons who were keen to engage all their senses as they learned about the history of Falmouth and it’s delicious cuisine.


Along the way we’ve been thrilled to participate in birthday and anniversary celebrations for our guests, and to share some of our special holiday culinary traditions with them.

Our guests have so enjoyed our Falmouth Food Tour and were so hungry for more, that we felt prompted to design a longer more comprehensive tour to meet the needs of those who just couldn’t get enough in 2 and a half hours!  And so at the end of last year, we launched our newest baby – the Nyam An Guh Weh Tour – that’s Jamaican dialect for ‘Eat and Leave’! Now generally that’s not a good thing, as it suggests that you didn’t spend enough time socializing with your host after eating their food, but in this case since we do understand that you really have to ‘Guh Weh’ (leave), our tour is deliberately designed to ensure that you have lots of time to ‘Nyam’ (eat) and to learn about our food, history and culture before you have to leave us!

This longer tour starts off on foot in Falmouth before we take you further afield by bus, enabling you to see and enjoy more of the Jamaican countryside.  You’ll eat roadside and you’ll eat in elegant settings.  You’ll hear the fascinating history of this country and our cuisine, and you’ll meet contemporary entrepreneurs who bring our culinary history alive in unique and tasty ways!

We’re proud to declare that our culinary tours are far different from other sight-seeing tours or just excursions that include food. We’ve invested time in exploring the history and origins of our cuisine and culinary traditions, and then creatively packaged it for you in an engaging and dynamic storyline. Our stops are chosen not only for the great taste they offer, but also for the authentic stories of our people, lifestyle and culture spooned lovingly on to every plate!


If you’re a foodie, a lover of history, or just looking for something different and entertaining for the entire group – you’ll want to book with us! There’s something for everyone, and that’s why our tours are such a hit with families, groups and persons of all ages, sizes and abilities! You can learn more about the Tour from Co-Owner and Tour and Creative Experience Director in this video: But hey, don’t just take our word for it – click on the Reviews tab above and see for yourself what your fellow travellers have to say about us on Trip Advisor!

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