Yes – Real Men do Take Food Tours!

So you’ve probably heard a rumour out there that real men don’t do food tours.  Somehow food tours sound like a ‘girlie’ thing right? Lumped in there with ‘Chick flicks’ or ‘Girls Night Out’ type activities.  Well, we have to say that we have hosted our fair share of men on our food tour and guess what – they absolutely love it!  So where did that unpalatable rumour start? – We can’t say for sure, but we have a hunch that it is being spread by some women who want to keep the joys of food tours all to themselves!  So let’s help out those men who might be sitting on the fence about food tours.                         

Gentlemen – Here are 5 reasons to take food tours! 



1)  Eat Guilt Free!  The whole purpose of a food tour is to eat (and eat and eat!), so you can eat all you want and excuse it away as ‘education’ or ‘cultural immersion’. Moreover, this is the one time your girlfriends, wives, big sisters don’t get to jive you about how much you’re eating, because guess what – they’re doing the same too!

2) You can count it as Exercise!  Most food tours involve some amount of walking so you can justify eating all that food because not only  will you be burning off the calories as you move from tasting to tasting, you will be strengthening those leg muscles and toning your body too!

3) Value!  Food tours are great value for money because you get food, culture and entertainment all in one tasty package.  Compare that to your visit to a theme park or a museum where you have to fork out mega bucks for the admission fee and then feed the family.  On a food tour it’s all included!


4) Man size portions!  One of the myths about food tours is that you get tiny portions.  The tastings are sometimes called samples, but don’t confuse that with small.  We’ve never taken a food tour where we’ve gone home hungry – and neither have the guests on our Falmouth Food Tour! In fact, many guests end up packaging their last tasting to go because they’re so full!



And now for the greatest reason to take a food tour….

5) You get to be “the good guy”! The ladies in your life will think that you’re such a trooper for accompanying them on the tour, and they’ll love you for it!  Shhh- you don’t have to let on what a good time you’re having, and we certainly promise not to let the secret out!


So there – it’s official – real men can and do take food tours!  Hey, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em – Man Up, Show Up, EAT UP!






on 25/8/14 – Jamaica Culinary Tours
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